PODCAST: three ingredients that make your “halloween style” event matter

In this episode, TK and Stacia share some crazy practical and wise advice on how to make your Halloween Style event, or any event you host, actually matter. This episode is segmented clearly and...

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open network: the best free resource for ministry leaders today

If you’re unfamiliar with Open Network, a free amazing resource, then this podcast is for you. Whether you’re interested in data tracking, church metrics, videos, sermon inspiration, graphics, videos, or something else, this episode with Kyle Kutter from Life.Church will be an enlightening listen for you and your entire team.

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ok, let’s talk security

As ministry leaders and pastors, it’s our job to do due diligence to our congregation by putting protocols and systems in place that will keep them safe. Tragedies will happen, but when they do, you want to know that you did everything within in your power to prevent them. 
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

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get over yourself – three changes to make today to live a fuller life with brent gambrell

Do you feel like your church members are all about themselves; coming each weekend and consuming, but never contributing? Do you feel like your church struggles with the ‘selfie culture’? Consider leading your small groups and Bible studies through a book all about living for others. Check out this amazing podcast and resource, Living for Another- More of Others Less of You, as we talk about how to get over yourself, by understanding three things that can help you live a fuller life today.

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should children be allowed in your worship service?

My recent church visits lead me to ponder on one of the great modern church debates, should children be allowed in your adult worship service? Take a look at why the leading positions are true, and then ask yourselves these three questions to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your congregation.

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how to lead in a broken world

2017 has been a year, I mean it has been one for the books it seems. The election, the tweets, North Korea, the eclipse, the floods, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the supposed end of the world, and then the moving of the supposed end of the world, the shootings. It...

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why the mid-service greeting has to go

I get the point, how can your church grow smaller, if you don’t take the time to “greet” one another or make new friendships. But is any friendship or relationship going to grow out of that hello? Most likely not, which is why most churches provide small group systems, Christian education classes and Bible studies. 

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