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Every church should be able to afford an on-call coach and consultant that can help them navigate the murky waters of church growth. That’s why we created Church VIP.

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We believe that your search for new team members on your church staff should be simple and ultra affordable. This is why we created church hires.

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Every new staff member, pastor, and ministry leader, should have the training they need to make sure their first year on the job set them up for a lifetime of success in ministry.

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We’re creating a marketplace to source creative video content for your weekend services. As always, we’re making certain we create the most affordable solution out there.

We are so excited to be partnering with “everything.church.” They are a bringing insight, inspiration, growth and development to leaders all over the world through innovative tools and media.

Craig Johnson

Director of Ministries, Lakewood Church

everything.church is a dynamic resource partnering with leaders, helping them reach their full potential, becoming who they were made to be!

Emily B. Cummins

Communications Director, Church of Hope

Through personal consultation, everything.church can deliver a wealth of knowledge backed by personal experience to the area of church development. The result is a stronger church and greater impact for the Kingdom.

Bruce O'Neal

CEO, Manna Worldwide

everything.church is passionate about equipping and training churches of all sizes with the tools needed to advance the Kingdom of God, making them a valuable contributor to the 21st century church. They continually challenging us all to be dissatisfied with status quo of leadership and to continually seek growth and creativity within every area of our organizations.

Crysti Robertson

Creative Arts Director, Gateway Fellowship Church

three lessons from a professional church hopper

I’m in my 30’s. I often have to double check my age with my husband because I can never remember the exact number. Once I turned 21, I stopped caring and the numbers seemed insignificant. Bless my...
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our blog

working hard and playing hard in ministry

This episode of the everything.church podcast is all about what it means to work hard and play hard when it comes to ministry. Most people that are not in ministry will never understand why ministry is so hard, but it's hard. Living in the fishbowl, never being...

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three perspective shifts to help make work and play more fulfilling

There is this common misperception that “balance” is somehow attainable in life. As I’ve lived and breathed ministry for over 15 years, I’ve come to find, that that’s simply not reality. However, over the years, I’ve learned some practical and spiritual truths that have allowed me to understand that while balance may be a myth, having an equally great ministry and life are not.

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building trust with your pastor or leader

This podcast contains a great outline for building trust with your pastor or leader. It’s critical and imperative that pastors, leaders, and staff are actively working to trust one another more, because when a team trusts each other, then we will all be more effective at reaching the mission of bringing people to Christ.

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free father’s day video

We created this animated video to celebrate everything dads do for their spouse, their kids, and their church. In sixty seconds, we throw out every aspect of dad life that we could think of; this is truly “Dad Life in Sixty Seconds.”

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a pastor’s addiction

i’m addicted. I have been for years. It’s hurt me. It’s hurt my family. 

I never meant for it to hurt them, but looking back, I’ve come to realize it’s done more damage than I care to admit. It has almost broken me, I mean, really broken me... more than once.


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how a thriving family ministry can help build your church with brad cooper

If you’re wondering about the impact of an intensive family ministry strategy, then Brad Cooper from Newspring, Church in South Carolina, is the guy to convince you how awesome it is. In this podcast, Brad shares how our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of generations, and why as churches that needs to be our heart too.

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the seven best ministry related ideas we saw last month

Check out these seven super creative ways for engaging guests and members that were used by churches all over America last month. We rounded up our favorite ideas seen all over social media and the internet, so that you could be inspired by their excellence. Most of them are pretty easy to replicate, so try one out this weekend.

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how to address the revolving door of your staff

In this episode of the everything.church podcast we talk about the not so fun, but OH SO NECESSARY topic of addressing the revolving door that often occurs on church staffs. This episode is jam packed with so much good material, if you actually addressed it all, you’d probably have the most healthy staff culture on the planet. So, check it out!

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how to spice up this summer for your volunteers 

On this episode of the everything.church podcast, TK, Stacia, and Carlos suggest five ways for reinvigorating your volunteers for the summer. Summer is notoriously a time when people can kind of “check out” and you need your core to help counter act that mentality.

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