We’re making sure no one needs to do ministry alone anymore.

We help ministry leaders, pastors, and church planters thrive.

We've created the only affordable unlimited church coaching service. It's called Church VIP.

– We work with great churches just like yours. –

Harbor Christian Center - Pastor Louie Travino
Liberty Church - Pastor Lon William
Faith Legacy Church - Jeff Jennings

church vip

Every church should be able to afford an on-call coach and consultant that can help them navigate the murky waters of church growth. That’s why we created Church VIP.

church hires

We believe that your search for new team members on your church staff should be simple and ultra affordable. This is why we created church hires. Every job stays up for one full year.

the starter pack
$1899/one time

Every new staff member, pastor, and ministry leader, should have the training they need to make sure their first year on the job set them up for a lifetime of success in ministry.

We are so excited to be partnering with “everything.church.” They are a bringing insight, inspiration, growth and development to leaders all over the world through innovative tools and media.

Craig Johnson

Director of Ministries, Lakewood Church

everything.church is a dynamic resource partnering with leaders, helping them reach their full potential, becoming who they were made to be!

Emily B. Cummins

Communications Director, Church of Hope

Through personal consultation, everything.church can deliver a wealth of knowledge backed by personal experience to the area of church development. The result is a stronger church and greater impact for the Kingdom.

Bruce O'Neal

CEO, Manna Worldwide

everything.church is passionate about equipping and training churches of all sizes with the tools needed to advance the Kingdom of God, making them a valuable contributor to the 21st century church. They continually challenging us all to be dissatisfied with status quo of leadership and to continually seek growth and creativity within every area of our organizations.

Crysti Robertson

Creative Arts Director, Gateway Fellowship Church

open network: the best free resource for ministry leaders today

It's almost Christmas time and boy do we have a gift for you on the newest podcast episode. On this episode of the everything.church podcast, Stacia is joined by Kyle Kutter from Life.Church...

our blog

ok, let’s talk security

As ministry leaders and pastors, it’s our job to do due diligence to our congregation by putting protocols and systems in place that will keep them safe. Tragedies will happen, but when they do, you want to know that you did everything within in your power to prevent them. 
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.

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get over yourself – three changes to make today to live a fuller life with brent gambrell

Do you feel like your church members are all about themselves; coming each weekend and consuming, but never contributing? Do you feel like your church struggles with the ‘selfie culture’? Consider leading your small groups and Bible studies through a book all about living for others. Check out this amazing podcast and resource, Living for Another- More of Others Less of You, as we talk about how to get over yourself, by understanding three things that can help you live a fuller life today.

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should children be allowed in your worship service?

My recent church visits lead me to ponder on one of the great modern church debates, should children be allowed in your adult worship service? Take a look at why the leading positions are true, and then ask yourselves these three questions to ensure that you’re doing what’s best for your congregation.

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how to lead in a broken world

2017 has been a year, I mean it has been one for the books it seems. The election, the tweets, North Korea, the eclipse, the floods, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the supposed end of the world, and then the moving of the supposed end of the world, the shootings. It...

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why the first person you have to lead is yourself

The hardest person to lead is hands down yourself. If you want to know why it’s worth the struggle to lead yourself and what that even looks like in a day to day approach then check out this episode. You won’t regret it.

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why the mid-service greeting has to go

I get the point, how can your church grow smaller, if you don’t take the time to “greet” one another or make new friendships. But is any friendship or relationship going to grow out of that hello? Most likely not, which is why most churches provide small group systems, Christian education classes and Bible studies. 

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tips for women who lead men in ministry

Don't be scared by the title this podcast is for men, women, old, young and anyone interested in more successfully have a church staff that is thriving. This episode is packed with four amazing tips for women who lead men, and a few great tips from TK for men who lead...

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