how to address the revolving door of your staff

In this episode of the podcast TK, Carlos and Stacia talk about the not so fun, but OH SO NECESSARY topic of addressing the revolving door that often occurs on church staffs. If you’re not exactly sure what we mean by revolving door, we are talking about staff turnover. This is a great episode for senior leaders and staff members alike, as both parties have to bring their best to the table to really have a successful staff culture.  

In this episode Stacia mentioned a talk given by Andy Stanley, “trust vs. suspicion” which is a must see, as well as Carlos’ first podcast episode, where we talked extensively about developing young leaders. So, check out those additional resources. 

This episode is jam packed with so much good material, if you actually addressed it all, you’d probably have the most healthy staff culture on the planet. Which should be every church’s goal! We pray you and your staff carefully consider some of the things we mentioned to help your team grow to the ultimate place God created for all of you to exist. Here are the full notes below for our non-podcast listeners so you can help close the revolving door of staff turn over.  However, this episode is a must listen for unpacking each point!

How to address the revolving door of your staff:

1.  There needs to be intentionality in everything
– Hiring process that is clear and intentional
– On-boarding
– Review processes
– Yearly anniversaries

2. Are your leaders growing in self-awareness and emotional intelligence
– Do our leaders recognize the various seasons of the church/ministry life?
– Do our leaders have the ability to read a room and gauge the tone?
– Do our leaders even think of appreciating staff?
– Do we ensure that our team has ample margin to live healthily?

3. Are there clear responsibilities of Supervisors
– What should every leader be doing that reflects your culture?
– Are we providing supervisor training?
– Are we empowering support staff to lead and grow in their own right?

4. Is there a development of staff
– Every person wants to get better (those that don’t need to leave anyway)
– Do we make it easy or hard for a staff person to grow?
– Do we provide resources for our staff to grow? (books, conferences, podcasts, teaching moments, etc…)
– Do we have a vision for the gifts they bring, or do they always have to fight for their place in our church?
– Honest conversations from top down and from the bottom up (organizational accountability)
– Can our staff actually afford to work for us and live in our area?





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