building trust with your pastor or leader

In this episode of the podcast, TK Dennis, Stacia Stall and Carlos Ortiz talk about building trust with your pastor or leader.

They address some things that you as an employee, staff member, or volunteer can do to help build trust with your leader. Of course, this list isn’t foolproof, if you take action in these areas, you won’t instantly become your leader’s most trusted confidant. Personality and chemistry amongst other things are all important, but these things will help you prove to your pastor or leader, that you’re serious about what you do and that you care about your job and your relationship with them.

These steps will take you miles further than if you had no plan at all. If you are the pastor or leader, share this with your team to help them understand that building trust takes work from both parties.

It’s critical and imperative that pastors, leaders, and staff are actively working to trust one another more, because when a team trusts each other, then we will all be more effective at leading people to Christ week in and week out.





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