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the five stupidest ways to train your church staff

Very few pastors and leaders take training seriously. After all, their week is filled to the brim with appointments, strategizing, meetings, and studying for their weekend message. So it’s no surprise that less than twenty percent of churches in the United States have a system in place to train their staff. We’ve compiled the five most popular ineffective training methods for church staffs. Are you guilty of taking the easy way out and doing these five things to train your team?

The vocabulary that churches use online, from the stage, and in their outreach, has a huge effect on the community’s perspective of the church. This is why we compiled the seven most common expressions that are likely to cause your congregation and community to tune out of the amazing things God’s doing at your church. It’s time to do a cliche check, and ask yourself what expressions are having an effect that is more negative than positive.

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