open network: the best free resource for ministry leaders today

It’s almost Christmas time and boy do we have a gift for you on the newest podcast episode. On this episode of the podcast, Stacia is joined by Kyle Kutter from Life.Church pastored by Craig Groeschel. Kyle leads the Open Network there, he is married to his high school sweetheart, who is also on staff there as a worship pastor; they have two kids and they are so blessed to be a part of not only their church, but the Open Network.

In this episode, Stacia and Kyle talk all about what the Open Network is and why it could be an amazing resource for your church. The Open Network is available for almost every person on your staff and it’s a tool to make the work of your own church staff go further. Whether you’re interested in data tracking, church metrics, videos, sermons illustrations, graphics, kids curriculum or something else, visit the Open Network and see if there’s something that can help grow your church and better serve your church family. 

No matter your ministry position if you’re wondering how this amazing free resource could serve you the simply listen to this episode to find out more or visit them online





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