ok, here it is our last “favorites” list for the month of January.

In a way, today’s list is my personal favorite because I am an avid podcast listener. Podcasts are all the rage right now. It feels like everywhere you turn someone is starting a new podcast, and there’s a good reason for it. Podcasts are a really personal, authentic way to communicate information or God’s word or anything AND you can kind of build relationships with fans or an audience along the way as well.

Let’s be honest, most people in leadership or teaching positions love to talk. We like to converse, debate and share opinions, so why not start a podcast. (I’m joking, don’t really start a podcast, unless you are called by God or bound and determined to keep going.) Most podcasts don’t make it to the one year mark, but some do, and we want to showcase some of those podcast in this list today.

our favorite podcasts for ministry leaders in 2017


everything.church podcast

everything.church podcast

Ok, so I know this is a shameless plug, but HONESTLY, I have listened to a lot of podcasts and a lot of them are SOOOOO boring. I know everyone likes different flavors, but I come from a millennial generation, I like to be entertained while I learn. The everything.church podcast talks about the nuts and bolts of ministry has awesome guests and is usually really entertaining at the same time. Don’t believe me? Listen to the last Old Person Pop Culture Update, you will laugh your head off, but really if you haven’t checked it out, then you must. With over 150 reviews, you will be in good company!

Leadersheep (formerly creative sheep)

leadersheep podcast

Leadersheep is an entirely guest driven podcast. However, it too is very amusing, relatable and designed in a way that anyone in a ministry leader or church staff position could enjoy it and benefit from it. Leadersheep has a slightly more creative bent tying into the work that the hosts Jared and Roman have done in their church backgrounds and current professions, as they now serve churches creating excellent and inspiring creative content.

After 9 Youth Ministry Podcast

After 9 Youth Ministry Podcast

This podcast is completely student ministry focused, but it’s very refreshing for anyone looking to grow in their knowledge and passion of this field. It’s not cheesy in the least; it’s for modern day practitioners of youth ministry. It’s just real, raw, talk about surviving and being successful in student ministry. They set a realistic pace for student and youth pastors, so check it out.

Pro Church Podcast

pro church podcast

The Pro Church Podcast gives practical tips for anything related to creative, media and story-telling each week with its host Brady Shearer. Brady is such a fantastic communicator and gets to the heart of each episode’s points and themes with ease and precision. The Pro Church Podcast has had a range of amazing guests and this is a must listen for anyone in ministry that interacts with media, church communication or technology.

unSeminary Podcast

unSeminary podcast

The  unSeminary Podcast is designed more for people in executive leadership, but there are so many good tips for ministry leaders everyone will enjoy it. Rich Birch predominantly interviews lead, executive, and associate pastors and gets to the nitty-gritty of how to do ministry better through personal stories and experiences of his guests’ ministries. There is typically an instant takeaway, and it is sure to lead to “a-haaa moments” for your church if you commit to listening on the regular.


The Conversation with Adam Weber

conversation with adam weber podcast

The Conversation with Adam Weber is a relatively new podcast with only ten episodes. The purpose of this podcast is really just to encourage ministry leaders by offering a small glimpse into the lives and testimonies of other ministry leaders who are trying to serve the Lord with their work and their lives. Adam uses his guest lives’ as a jumping off point to encourage people to serve better.

The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

carey nieuwhof podcast

I have, to be honest, I kind of didn’t want to include The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast because I don’t want you to think I’m recommending it because it’s trendy or popular. I am not, I am recommending it because it is good! Carey’s podcast and blog continually challenge my own thoughts about where the church has become stagnant and where it’s headed. Carey has such a pastor’s heart, with compassion he constantly is pushing ministry leaders to be better and more aware of why they do what they do. Give it a listen.

The Preaching Donkey Podcast

preaching donkey podcast

The Preaching Donkey Podcast is about one thing and one thing only, preaching. In each episode, Lane, the host makes sure to remind ministry leaders the purpose of their mission, and he does a great job at inspiring pastors to become better preachers. His tips and topics are spot on, and this is a great listen to have in your podcast subscribes if you want to up your preaching game.

The Productive Pastor Podcast

productive pastor podcast

The Productive Pastor Podcast is just as you’d imagine, a podcast all about work productivity and ministry tools. Chad Brooks talks about workflows, procrastination, emailing, organization, scheduling tools, sermon prep and more. The episodes are fairly short typically under 20 minutes which is the perfect length when you’re talking about the ever boring topic of systems and organization, however, Chad Brooks’ enthusiasm makes each episode worthwhile and actually enjoyable too!

Project Pastor

project pastor

With over 80 episodes The Project Pastor is a great podcast when you’re looking to be encouraged and challenged as a ministry leader. Each episode is done interview style with popular and engaging pastors and ministry leaders. The podcast is not super consistent in how often an episode is posted, but Troy has been going strong now for about four years. Personally, each story and testimony shared, I feel more connected to the global scope of all that the church does. Check it out.
There are so many additional fantastic podcasts that I sometimes listen to like, “The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast”, “The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast”, “The Catalyst” Podcast, “The CM Podcast”, “Parent Cue Live”, “Elle Campbell Podcast”, “Nick Blevins Podcast”, “Culture Matters”, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey” and more. However, let’s be honest, you don’t have time for everything, and I fit in the podcasts that I can on my commute as often as I can. These 10 podcasts recommended today, make me laugh, make me think, inspire me and encourage me in the Lord. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Is there any podcast you really love, that you have to share? Leave a note in the comments below!

Stacia Stall

About Stacia Stall

Stacia has over a decade of ministry experience, with the majority of that time leading next generation change. She has experience leading over one hundred volunteers, and developing curriculum for kids and students. She has a passion for creating amazing volunteer cultures. Stacia has a B.S. in Church Ministries and Biblical Studies, as well as experience educating in an elementary public school environment. She is also immensely creative and accomplished in teaching people about the wonder of God.

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