the best back to school items to keep your kid and student ministries engaged

School is back in session. With the changing seasons it's often a great time for a refresh, even a few new, cool items can make your ministry space the "place to be". Consider checking out the super...

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organizational tools that can transform your staff and maybe your entire church

On this episode of the podcast, TK, Stacia, and Gina Bellomo from Church Unleashed outside of New York City talk about organizational tools that can transform your staff and maybe your entire church. This is a great episode because you can instantly walk away with suggestions for better tools for communicating with your staff and church.

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four things you can’t ignore in the first time guest experience

Sometimes when I give advice to ministry leaders, I feel like I sound like a broken record.
I mean how many times can you really talk about first impressions or the first seven minutes of a first time guest’s experience or the importance of safety in your kid’s ministry environment? At some point, everyone has to have actually heard about these things right?

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our favorite fall podcast compilation

Somehow it’s already the end of July. Fall is just around the corner and as you probably know most churches often have a huge back to school influx of old and new families. We think fall is a critical time in the growth of your church, so much so, that we did an entire series of fall related podcasts last year. So, check em’ out and get ready for fall.

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three tips for creating a healthy church culture

You will always know that “it was their pleasure” at Chick Fil A, “easy” at Staples, and the “happiest place on earth” at Disney! We know this because it is in their culture. Culture is the loudest communicator when people are trying to figure out who you are and what you stand for. Check out these three tips on creating a healthy one.

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five ways to boost lackluster summer attendance

Far too often, we’re so concerned about our events and weekend services that we forget about one of the church’s most attractive quality. The ability to change the world. Unsurprisingly, good things come to churches who prioritize loving and sacrificing for their communities before themselves. Check out these five ways to love your community and make summer fun.

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