In this episode, TK and Stacia share some crazy practical and wise advice on how to make your Halloween Style event, or any event you host, actually matter.

This episode is segmented clearly and easily into three sections before, during and after the event. There are so many great ideas all bundled up in this episode, that you will need to listen with a pen in hand to jot down some notes.

TK and Stacia tell you the things you don’t want to hear, like how if the process seems easy then your event will probably be average and also how organization is the key to success for the information you capture.

Whether you have a “Harvest event”, you’re still hosting a “Trunk or Treat” or for the first time you’re planning something entirely new; you have to listen to this episode and get a whole new outlook on your impact.



long story short

This is such a great episode because the type of event you are having does not matter for you to still glean something from this episode. The style of your event doesn’t matter.  We are simply talking about “Halloween and Harvest” because that’s the next big event for a lot of churches, but this episode is not about event-specific planning, it’s about why you’re having the event and what you’re going to do about it.

these three truths remain


#1 before the event: share

This is the church’s version of advertising, but it can also be looked at like modern day evangelism too. We would ask, what’s the point of spending time and money to create an event if you don’t plan to try and get new people there? Of course, it’s your church’s right to organize events just for your own people, but you’ll have to take a good hard look at the gospel when you’re done to see if you find that model.

Sharing shouldn’t be easy. If you find it’s easy, then you’re probably doing average work. It will require resources whether it’s time or money.

Here are some of the ways that you can potentially advertise your event

  • Social media boosted posts
  • Send a postcard to people in your database
  • List your event in your local Newspaper
  • Post your stuff online with other local town harvest festival type events
  • Have your members put up yard signs in their yards
  • Place a banner in your community (with permission)
  • Send a sequence of emails out of your database. ** this is free, so no excuses
  • Encourage your people to share and ask people personally *** this is often the most effective and least used mechanism

You will need someone to champion the “share” aspect. It won’t happen by accident. You will need someone who ties all this together. The job is never done, up until the day of the event, there’s always more to share.

When we’re talking about sharing, we’re not just talking about spending money on advertising and marketing. We’re talking about having a plan and a system to get the most people there possible. These ideas could be totally free, but you need a plan.

#2 during the event: capture

What do we mean by capture? We mean, be ready like you’ve never been before to gather information about every single person who attends. When you go to a theme park or Broadway or the movies, when you arrive, there is one way in and you have to have a ticket. When people go somewhere fun and FREE, they will expect a crowd. Don’t be intimidated by the crowd, but have your top team players ready to serve.

  • Have your best people ready to serve
  • Have them knowledgeable of their job and tasks beforehand
  • Make the process simple (consider bypassing people’s address, unless you know your church regularly uses snail mail)
  • Let your “own” people register beforehand if possible (they could get their entrance band at church, or use your app or sign in at a number of junctions to reduce your line)
  • Capture your guests info!


#3 after the event: execution

Execution means you do something with all the information you just captured. One of the main problems we hear from churches all the time is about how there’s no follow through. You hear about amazing events put on by churches and it’s no surprise, but amazing follow through is unheard of. Only the best of the best are doing this, and we are letting you in on their secret. You need to push your staff to be better, or if you are staff, you need to challenge yourself to be better than average and help grow your church.


how do you follow up?

You send an email to every person who came. You thank them and tell them about all the awesome stuff you do all the time.
Bonus Tip: Make a recap video for your email. Show it on the weekend too.

then you can do one of two things, but you must do at least one

  • Call the people who came


  • Send something in the mail to the guests who came. (We recommend calling because it’s free and often more personal. However, we know that there are some situations where there may not be enough man hours available to do that work, if that’s the case
    then send something in the mail).

Whatever you do, don’t forget to invite them back, because that is one of the primary purposes of every event, to get those guests back to your church on the weekend. These are the things that will differentiate you from almost everything and everyone else that people are interacting with in their life. People aren’t getting personal touches, and this is your chance to offer that to them. Show them you care. Show them the love of Christ.

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