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why the first person you have to lead is yourself

The hardest person to lead is hands down yourself. If you want to know why it’s worth the struggle to lead yourself and what that even looks like in a day to day approach then check out this episode. You won’t regret it.

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tips for women who lead men in ministry

Don't be scared by the title this podcast is for men, women, old, young and anyone interested in more successfully have a church staff that is thriving. This episode is packed with four amazing tips for women who lead men, and a few great tips from TK for men who lead...

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organizational tools that can transform your staff and maybe your entire church

On this episode of the podcast, TK, Stacia, and Gina Bellomo from Church Unleashed outside of New York City talk about organizational tools that can transform your staff and maybe your entire church. This is a great episode because you can instantly walk away with suggestions for better tools for communicating with your staff and church.

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our favorite fall podcast compilation

Somehow it’s already the end of July. Fall is just around the corner and as you probably know most churches often have a huge back to school influx of old and new families. We think fall is a critical time in the growth of your church, so much so, that we did an entire series of fall related podcasts last year. So, check em’ out and get ready for fall.

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working hard and playing hard in ministry

This episode of the podcast is all about what it means to work hard and play hard when it comes to ministry. Most people that are not in ministry will never understand why ministry is so hard, but it's hard. Living in the fishbowl, never being...

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building trust with your pastor or leader

This podcast contains a great outline for building trust with your pastor or leader. It’s critical and imperative that pastors, leaders, and staff are actively working to trust one another more, because when a team trusts each other, then we will all be more effective at reaching the mission of bringing people to Christ.

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how a thriving family ministry can help build your church with brad cooper

If you’re wondering about the impact of an intensive family ministry strategy, then Brad Cooper from Newspring, Church in South Carolina, is the guy to convince you how awesome it is. In this podcast, Brad shares how our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of generations, and why as churches that needs to be our heart too.

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how to address the revolving door of your staff

In this episode of the podcast we talk about the not so fun, but OH SO NECESSARY topic of addressing the revolving door that often occurs on church staffs. This episode is jam packed with so much good material, if you actually addressed it all, you’d probably have the most healthy staff culture on the planet. So, check it out!

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how to spice up this summer for your volunteers 

On this episode of the podcast, TK, Stacia, and Carlos suggest five ways for reinvigorating your volunteers for the summer. Summer is notoriously a time when people can kind of “check out” and you need your core to help counter act that mentality.

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building a special needs ministry from the ground up with craig johnson

In this podcast episode, Stacia and TK are joined by Craig Johnson. Craig is the Ministry Pastor for Lakewood Church in Houston, Tx. He is also the founder of the Champion’s Club, a ministry for families with special needs. If you are interested in learning more about how to engage the special needs people that are in your congregation, or adding a new ministry to support your community, you do not want to miss this episode.

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keeping students engaged over the summer

In this episode, TK, Carlos and Stacia have a little too much fun brain storming out of the box ways to engage students over the summer. If you are looking to spice things up this summer in your attendance, discipleship and connection with students then this is an episode you do not want to miss.

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three metrics you should be using to measure church growth

On this episode of the podcast, TK, Stacia, and Carlos suggest some metrics for measuring church growth. Typically a lot of churches are looking at church growth at the beginning of fall, but at e.c, we think post-Easter you can do a little check up and see how your church is doing. Knowing where you’re at is crucial to be able to gauge where you are going.

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creating a culture of storytelling with crysti robertson

In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how Gateway Fellowship (the fastest growing church in America) utilizes mission to drive forward everything that they do, and why being a mission driven church, demands a need for storytelling in everything you do to engage people.

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building blocks to a healthier children’s ministry with justin edge

This podcast episode contains some EXCELLENT ideas for ways to systematize parts of your children’s ministry, as we talk about some of the processes that Life Church uses. We talk about the necessity of consistency to a successful small group model. We talk about the “excellence walk”. We talk about taking your Children’s Ministry to the next level.

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old person pop culture update – episode two

In this second episode of the old person pop culture update, TK, Stacia and pop culture update co-host Kellen Moore have more fun than is probably healthy covering all the ins and outs of what’s relevant for Pastor’s trying to engage with the next generation.

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easter’s over, now what?

In this episode of the podcast, TK, Carlos and Stacia talk about the FINAL FIVE. The Final Five is the last five minutes of your Easter experience and the next five weeks that come after. The three of them talk in detail about how pertinent it is to only have one single call to action on Easter weekend, so that it’s clear and simple for a guest to take a next step.

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easter planning: everything but the stage

In this episode of the podcast, TK, Carlos and Stacia ask themselves five pertinent questions to help church leaders in their Easter planning efforts. So, often Easter can become about the stage and the production, without realizing the power that lies in all the other elements of the weekend.

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creating a culture of empowerment

The three of them talk about how even when you give something away you are still ultimately responsible for the health and success of it. If you’ve been wondering about the difference between delegation and empowerment. If you’ve been struggling to empower volunteers to take things off your plate, then this episode is for you.

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leveraging photography to attract new guests with dave adamson

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by the online Pastor Dave Adamson of Northpoint Community Church. Dave oversees both social media and the online experience for Northpoint Online. Originally from Australia, Dave, his wife, and three girls are now living life in Georgia. Dave has a personal passion for photography as a creative way to engage modern church guests and attenders.

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why the church is the hope of the world and how you can prove it with danny duran

Danny shares with us about the importance of weekly salvation opportunities, how Life.Church utilizes a non-worship song to engage people before services start, and how ‘life groups’ are a core part of their church’s culture. This episode is also filled with lots of laughs as we talk about new puppies, potty talk and the joys of parenting too.

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hope is not a strategy

On this episode of the podcast, TK, Stacia, and Carlos talk about getting business done. As they delve into why hope is not a strategy, with both encouragement and humor, they address why “hoping for the best” or “believing it will work out” is not typically what God wants for us as believers.

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stop writing off young people with emily b. cummins

Don’t let the title fool you; this episode is so useful and encouraging to anyone on your church staff, young and old. Everyone will benefit from the story that Emily has to share about being all that God has created you to be no matter your age, background, or education.

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making ministry easier through hard conversations

If you hate conflict, if it really bothers you to offer feedback to your staff and volunteers, if you struggle with hard conversations, then this episode is for you. In this episode, TK, Carlos, and Stacia give advice for senior leaders, for staff teams and even address this topic in relationship to volunteers.

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our favorite podcasts for ministry leaders in 2017

Today’s list is my personal favorite because I am an avid podcast listener. Podcasts are all the rage right now. It feels like everywhere you turn someone is starting a new podcast, and there’s a good reason for it. Podcasts are a really personal way to communicate information AND you can kind of build relationships with fans or an audience along the way as well. Here are our favorite podcasts for ministry leaders this year.

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Landon Pickering

Church Hustle

Emily Cummins

Communications Director
Church of Hope

Crysti Robertson

Crysti Robertson

Creative Director
Gateway Fellowship

Frank Bealer

Danny Duran

Campus Pastor
Life Church Overland Park

Frank Bealer

Frank Bealer

Phase Family Centers

Jim Wideman

Next Gen Staff Solutions

Dave Adamson

Dave Adamson

Online Pastor
North Point Online

Elle Campbell

Orange ReThink

Hope Adams

Worship Pastor
Embassy City Church

Kellen Moore

Kid’s Pastor
Eastlake Church

Tim Lucas

Lead Pastor
Liquid Church

Bruce O’Neal

Manna Worldwide

Dustin Woodward

Lead Associate Pastor
Copper Pointe

Adam Weber

Lead Pastor
Embrace Church

Ben Sinclair

Ben Sinclair


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