This video is the perfect opener, or transition element, for a message about Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or voting on Election Day. Also useful for the Fourth of July, this piece depicts the need to support our troops, pray for our leaders, and participate in democracy. We created a custom sound scape for this video with a dark and droning feel, featuring the hauntingly innocent voice of a child reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” and “The Lord’s Prayer.” Shot in short film style, we attempted to capture the hope that the future represents when all of God’s People participate in the great democracy of the United States of America. We did this by following the brief and joyful journey of a playful child, while interjecting facts about voting and veterans followed by a succinct call to action. We included “The Lord’s Prayer” in this piece because we believe the freedoms of the American church are under attack in a big way, and the freedom of religion is an integral staple of American culture that should always be defended. Use this video to challenge your congregation to vote, honor your veterans, support our troops, or simply share the message that freedom is under attack and we should all be involved.

We also included a “Simple Text” version of this video where the text transitions appear for longer periods of time without any animation. This additional video is included in the downloadable .zip file. This is perfect if your screen setup is on the smaller side of the scale, or if you believe church goers would have trouble reading text fast enough with the provided animations in the original video.

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