stop writing off young people with emily b. cummins

Don’t let the title fool you; this episode is so useful and encouraging to anyone on your church staff, young and old. Everyone will benefit from the story that Emily has to share about being all that God has created you to be; no matter your age, background, or education. In this episode, we are joined by Emily B. Cummins, the founder of, the Communications Director at Church of Hope in Ocala, Florida, and an up and coming leader for women and people of faith. TK, Stacia, and Emily talk about how every single individual is in the process of becoming who God created them to be, and how this in and of itself is a reason to value all of your staff members and what they bring to the table.

TK shares extensively from his own experiences as a super young leader in executive leadership about why a lack of experience can be a beautiful benefit. Emily shares stories about how when people have written her off because of her age, how they’ve often come back and told her how moved they were by her outlook, compassion, and grace. You’ll get all the secret details on Emily’s run for Brio Girl in 2007, and we talk about how anything successful in life, was ultimately just because of lots and lots of hard work. There is something encouraging for everyone in this episode, so sit back and join us, as we talk about why you should stop writing off young people.

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