We teach ministry leaders how to be successful while chasing your church’s vision.

We are so excited to be partnering with “everything.church.” They are a bringing insight, inspiration, growth and development to leaders all over the world through innovative tools and media.

Craig Johnson

Director of Ministries, Lakewood Church

everything.church is a dynamic resource partnering with leaders, helping them reach their full potential, becoming who they were made to be!

Emily B. Cummins

Communications Director, Church of Hope

Through personal consultation, everything.church can deliver a wealth of knowledge backed by personal experience to the area of church development. The result is a stronger church and greater impact for the Kingdom.

Bruce O'Neal

CEO, Manna Worldwide

everything.church is passionate about equipping and training churches of all sizes with the tools needed to advance the Kingdom of God, making them a valuable contributor to the 21st century church. They continually challenging us all to be dissatisfied with status quo of leadership and to continually seek growth and creativity within every area of our organizations.

Crysti Robertson

Creative Arts Director, Gateway Fellowship Church

We prepare you for your first year in ministry.

our starter packs are one-on-one sessions

The thing that makes our Starter Packs special is the fact that they are one-on-one Skype, or FaceTime, training sessions where you get teamed up with a ministry expert who truly understands the work you do.

the best place to ask questions

The problem with books, resources, and videos is that you can learn a few facts, but you can’t ask any questions. Our sessions are led by coaches who are always available to answer questions, and offer personally tailored wisdom to help you through your next season in ministry.

we follow up for one full year

If you’re anything like us, you do a lot of problem solving after the fact. Hindsight is twenty-twenty of course. This is why we’re available for questions up to an entire year after your Starter Pack session. We want to keep you encouraged and headed in the right direction well after we meet.

we'll give your money back if you hate it

We’re so sure you’ll love our Starter Packs that we offer a 100% refund guarantee. Just let us know within fourteen days of your first session and we’ll issue a full refund; we won’t even ask any questions. As of right now, no one has taken us up on this offer. 🙂


based on your job description

Our Starter Pack sessions train ministry employees based on their job description so we’re setting them up for success in their workplace. If you don’t have a job description, we can help you create one!

we focus on team building in a big way

We know that a strong church has strong leaders, strong families, and strong teams. So we like to spend time talking about building the best team possible for your specific position.

we're real people, and we'll prove it

If you ever have questions, problems, or are interested in us creating a special package just for you, you can call us at (757) 255-8171 and talk to a real person. We don’t do automated systems; computers make good tools but it takes real people to grow the church.

you'll love how fun our experts are

We take our work very seriously, but we believe that laughter is one of the greatest expressions of joy. So our experts will laugh with you while they challenge you. We wanted to create something that’s not only more enriching than a book or a video, but also more exciting.

we're available fast

In most cases, we can get you setup with your first session in less than a day. We work around your schedule to make sure we’re the biggest help to you and your ministry. It’s kind of like having your own private ministry butler….we mean coach.

we love to give gifts

When we do a Starter Pack with someone, we go all the way. Getting you the resources necessary to succeed is our number one goal. So we like to a send you a surprise or two that will help you flourish. Besides, who doesn’t love getting mail?

We’re prepared to train for almost any position.

  • Lead Pastors
  • Executive Pastors / Directors
  • Media Pastors / Directors
  • Connections Pastors / Directors
  • Care Pastors / Directors
  • Kid’s Pastors / Director
  • Student Pastors / Directors
  • Small Group Pastors / Directors
  • Worship Pastors / Directors
  • Security Directors
  • Tech Directors
  • Hundreds of other positions

Expert training that every church can afford.

Have questions? Call us! (757) 255-8171

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I demo a starter pack?

Unfortunately there isn’t any way we can demo a starter pack for you. Our starter packs consist partially of digital resources, but the most important aspect of our starter packs is the time we spend doing one-on-one training. In the future, we may release a sample video of one of our sessions. We offer a fourteen-day money back guarantee, so there’s no reason not to try the real thing!

Is six sessions really enough time to learn anything useful?

The proof is in the pudding, and churches love our Starter Packs! Each session is roughly the length of two to three sermons; except you’re the only person in the audience.

Do you offer any discounts for church plants or missionaries?

Of course. We’re not monsters. We offer a fifty percent discount for every church under 100 people large, and for every full-time missionary across the board. Just get in touch with us and we’ll set you up.

How can you train a staff member for our cultural needs?

For the most part, this type of thing doesn’t come up. We focus specifically on job skills that would be a good fit for any church culture. However, we have a strong understanding of the way a myriad of church cultures operate; we don’t play favorites as to the way we believe people should act or behave. If you have specific cultural requirements having to do with training for your church staff, just let us know.

Is this a video training series?

No! Starter Packs are real sessions with real people. We set you up in a one-on-one FaceTime or Skype call with a ministry expert. Each Starter Pack includes digital materials that accompany the live sessions. We don’t believe videos are the most effective way to equip churches for success.

What if I want more training?

We love the church, and we believe her resources are very precious. That’s why we created the most affordable and effective training resource available. We reccomend that anyone who desires more training, signs up for a second round of starter pack. We’ll even give you a sweet discount.


What kind of questions can I ask during my starter pack session?

You can ask any questions you want. You’ve got time with a professional who has years of experience in the same field as you! We recommend you come prepared with some questions so you can get the most out of your time. Be sure to ask them about the worst ministry decisions they ever made, that’s always fun.

Is the starter pack only for new staff members?

Not at all. There’s never a bad time for iron to sharpen iron. Whether you’re making a move into another position at the same church, or you simply want to take your role to the next level, the starter pack will help you be more successful in your ministry.

We’re real people! Call us at (757) 255-8171

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