tips for women who lead men in ministry

Don’t be scared by the title this podcast is for men, women, old, young and anyone interested in more successfully have a church staff that is thriving. This episode is packed with four amazing tips for women who lead men, and a few great tips from TK for men who lead women or anyone.

In this episode, we are joined by Gina Bellomo from Church Unleashed outside of New York City, and we talk about why it’s critical that when you’re addressing this topic, you don’t get so uncomfortable that you don’t address the issues, and instead, you just take stances. It’s so important for a healthy staff to have a culture of honesty and transparency, no matter the topic.

Tk gives some amazing tips for guy leaders, sharing how important it is to not be passive aggressive. Secondly, TK shares that women, in general, will be in 100 different positions around you. A lot of people will say, “just treat them the same” but the best thing you can do is acknowledge that women aren’t men, they are different, but they are still human. So, treat them like a human, ask questions and find where you have commonality. We often unintentionally make the gender gap bigger than it needs to be.

If you’re looking for a sneak peak of the tips for women, you’ll have to check out the show. It’s full of laughs and general political incorrectness, so be blessed and enjoy!





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