working hard and playing hard in ministry

This episode of the podcast is all about what it means to work hard and play hard when it comes to ministry.

Most people that are not in ministry will never understand why ministry is so hard, but it’s hard. Living in the fishbowl, never being allowed to have a bad day, always having to have the right answers. Not to mention working every weekend and every holiday, always having to put everyone first, working from donations and inspiring volunteers, it’s enough to make more than one pastor burn out and it has.

Even when you are ‘called’ to ministry you have to prioritize a Sabbath, you have to make time for your family and for playing hard, or you won’t last for the long play.

In this episode, Carlos, TK and Stacia talk about what it means to work hard, and what it means to play hard and why it’s critical to have a healthy dose of both.

In this episode Stacia mentions the “excellence walk” that Justin Edge from Life.Church presented in a previous podcast about making sure you are prepared for the weekend when you are “working hard”. Because Life Church’s  teams are off of work on Friday, on Thursdays before they leave, they make sure that every single space is perfect and ready to go.

On Thursday after they walk through the front doors

-Is the floor clean?
-Are there labels in the printer?
-How does Guest Services look from the guest’s view?
-Do things look cluttered?
-Are your rooms clean?
-In the children’s area are your toys clean?
-It’s the little details that matter to making an impact

In this episode, TK gets a little confused about the words Sabbath and bath, maybe because taking a bath on your day off would be a nice and relaxing thing to do. No matter what, check out this episode if you’re planning to work hard and play hard this summer. 





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